Amplified ‘herd’ ambassador rewards

Invite your friends to Amplified Festival 2019 and you could enjoy the weekend absolutely free!

Sign up to our ‘Herd’ ambassador scheme below and we’ll email you your own individual ticket code. Each time a friend you've invited uses the code your ‘herd’ grows and you'll be one hoof nearer receiving one of the bonuses listed below*:

  • Sell 2 tickets & you’ll earn yourself a £20 merchandise voucher
  • Sell 4 tickets & you’ll earn yourself a £50 merchandise voucher
  • Sell 6 tickets & you’ll receive your free complementary weekend ticket
  • Sell 12 tickets & you’ll not only receive your free complementary ticket, but also you and a friend will be upgraded to VIP along with a few other goodies.

All you need to do is share the event details along with your ticket code and you’ll soon be on your way to your VIP upgrade for you and a friend.

We hope you're ready to join the herd and we can’t wait to see you here over the weekend of 19th-21st July, 2019.

*Prizes are not cumulative so you'll only receive the largest reward that you qualify for.

Join the Amplified herd


Closing date: this scheme runs until the 12th july when we'll tally up the tickets accredited to your individual purchase code and your rewards will be emailed to you via way of ‘print at home’ tickets and vouchers to be shown and used here at the festival box office and the on-site festival merchandise store.