Information for volunteers

What role would you to like here at Amplified?


Festival Set-up Crew (FSC)

This is one of the main roles here at Amplified and will involve staying on site for up to a week prior to the festival commencing and will include the following...

  • Heavy lifting
  • Using electrical tools
  • Wielding a paint brush
  • Hammering things

Breathing lots of fresh country air and helping create something memorable for a hell of a lot of people.


Mmm... Let's just say we could be working through the night

Traffic Monitoring Team (TMT)

Without you guys, The TMT, the smooth flow of traffic in to, through, and back out of the festival site just wouldn't happen...we need you guys.

Applications for this team will open in February so if this is your call then please get back in touch.

Particular roles to include:

  • Observing a visible presence at the main festival entrance at all times, and getting arriving vehicles into the car park or drop off areas as appropriate
  • Keeping in radio contact with other members of the TMT to ensure smooth traffic flow
  • Marshalling cars into the car park and ensuring that they are quickly and efficiently parked in the relevant marked areas such as weekend or day parking


You will normally work a 6 or 8 hour shift each day
You will need to arrive on site by 8am on Friday 21st July for full briefing and evacuation procedures.
People may start arriving early so we all need to be ready...gates open at 10.00am.

Site Stewarding Team (SST)

The Site Stewarding Team carries out a variety of functions across the whole site, with the focus on keeping a watchful eye on the festival guests to help ensure that the festival runs safely and smoothly.

Specific roles include:

  • Monitoring the numerous camp sites to ensuring all roadways and pathways remain open
  • Working with the security team to monitor stage capacity and crowd behaviour
  • Manning various road crossings to ensure that pedestrians are stopped when vehicles are moving along the roads
  • Manning wristband checking points


You will normally work a 6 or 8 hour shift each day
You will need to arrive on site by 9am on Friday for full briefing and evacuation procedures.
You must also arrive 15 minutes before each shift to receive a run down of any issues from the previous day.

Bar Personnel

Here at Amplified we are looking for experienced bar staff to volunteer on one of our bars. You must be over 18 & have relevant experience.
There will be roles for those who are cocktail trained though full training can be given if you show willing and want to shake things up.
Expect to move stock which may include some heavy lifting.


You will normally work a 6 or 8 hour shift each day
You will need to arrive on site by 9am on Friday for full briefing and evacuation procedures.
You must also arrive 15 minutes before each shift to receive a run down of any issues from the previous day.

Artist Liaison Hospitality*

This might seem like a glamorous role, but will involve quite a bit of running around the entire festival site and maybe even some journeys off site...so be prepared with some comfy shoes and to get a bit sweaty!

This may include:

  • Being assigned to a particular artist to aid in their well being and comfort
  • Making sure they are ready for stage and that there are things such as towels and bottled water ready for their performance
  • Preparing dressing rooms for the next act
  • Having to collect items from site storage for the dressing rooms and/or hospitality areas including the bars

Going off-site and into the next town for items requested by the artist and/or Amplified Production Crew. Transport will be provided along with relevant insurance documents.


Expect long shifts during your chosen day of working behind the scenes. This will ensure the artists are looked after and don't want for anything. Once your assigned band has disappeared you'll be free to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Stage Crew*

This is another one of those hard working jobs involving lots of lifting and the moving of heavy equipment such as monitors and lighting. Gloves will be provided where appropriate.

Specific Roles include:

  • Assisting the band's roadies in getting the band's equipment on and off the stage
  • Moving amps and speakers around the stage from one artist's performance ready for the next act to take to the stage
  • Helping the main stage engineers again in moving equipment like monitors to their correct marked positions
  • Climbing ladders to move lights and hang backdrops.


Expect long shifts during your chosen day of working behind the scenes. This will ensure the smooth running of the stage times ensuring all acts perform at their allotted time.

Once the stage has been cleared of all band equipment and the Stage Manager gives you the look... you'll be free to enjoy the rest of the evening.

First Aid*

If you possess a First Aid Certificate you will be required to offer assistance to those who may require general first aid.

This may include:

  • Treatment of minor cuts n bruises
  • Aiding those who may be suffering from dehydration
  • Noticing those who may not be applying enough suntan lotion to prevent sunburn and/or sunstroke
  • Looking out for those who may be asleep out in the open during the high sun hours and ensuring they are accompanied and/or offered shadeClearing a path for any emergency vehicle requested on to the festival site to ensure ALL members of the public are not causing an obstruction and impeding access



As well as cover during the day some hours may be through the night to ensure any incidents can be dealt with even when most have gone to bed. Please inform us on your application whether or not you'd prefer day, evening or night shifts.

Festival Breakdown Team (FBT)

The FBT works closely with the festival organisers to start packing the festival away. It's hard physical work make no mistake, lots of heavy lifting and unglamorous work. Having said that though you do get to enjoy the whole festival including a few other perks like meeting some of the bands backstage in the V.I.P. Hospitality area.

Specific Roles include:

Not much hammering or painting more of the complete opposite really...

  • Taking down and packing away tents and marquees
  • Taking down fencing and fencing covers
  • Taking down and packing away site decoration pieces – e.g. large heavy sculptures
  • Collecting any loose rubbish and packing away/removing internal nylon mesh fencing
  • Stripping bar decorations, and dismantling the bars ready to store for next year
  • Collecting and moving tables and chairs from across the site

Hours Involved

You will be expected to work from 10am to 6pm though there will be a pleasant lunch break and a chance to get a tan...if the sun's out?

Info for all volunteers

What if I want to volunteer for a few more hours?

Well A. that would be bloomin awesome and
B. you'll get rewarded accordingly...

As a volunteer you'll be required to work twelve hours split into 2 shifts over the course of the weekend or maybe you fancy doing a 12 hour stint (with a short break inbetween) in exchange for a festival weekend ticket with camping.

Throw in an extra six hour shift over the weekend in exchange for a V.I.P. Hospitality weekend ticket.

If working the day before the festival helping us with the final set up as well as the standard 12 hours we'll give you 1 guest V.I.P. Hospitality weekend ticket for a friend as well as your own V.I.P. Hospitality weekend ticket...get the shifts in early and still enjoy the head liners with a mate!

Ideally you will need to arrive on site 2 hours before your designated first shift for full briefing and evacuation procedures.

If completing more than one shift please arrive at your designated area 15 minutes prior to shift to receive a rub dow...I mean a run down of any issues from the previous day.

What other benefits to expect for all your efforts?

  • Food and drink during your shift to keep you going
  • Those rewarding fag breaks when you require a breather and time allows
  • An Amplified festival T-shirt and an Amplified back pack.

...and the chance to say you helped a cool festival get off the ground, met some cool bands and had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Deposits for set-up and break-down crew

A refundable cash deposit of £100 is payable on arrival at the festival site prior to your first day of volunteering. You'll be given a tour of the site and then the fun begins.

This deposit will be returned to you once you have completed your full day of breakdown work after the festival, but if you want to do a couple of days work extra... well that would be amazing like totally frickin awesome.

If you turn up hungover or otherwise unable to work eg. lift items that may hinder your safety and those around you, you will be sent home, and will not have your deposit returned to you.

Parking at the Festival

There will be a designated 'Volunteer Staff' parking area so should you need to leave the site in an emergency you will hopefully have easy access off site.

How to Apply

Places are strictly limited, and you can apply for the position of your choice by filling in our sign up form.

For applications for the Festival Set-Up Crew and Festival Breakdown Team, you will be directed to the responsible manager for that team.
For Traffic Monitoring and Site Stewarding Team applications, so long as you are over 18 years of age, you will be automatically accepted on to the team.
For Bar Personnel and Artist Liaison positions we may need a little more information about yourselves and why you wish to join us here... kind of a like a mini interview, but not.
For Stage Crew and First Aid positions please see important information below.

By making the application you are confirming that you are over 18 (or will be on 21st July 2017).

We ask for a non-refundable fee of £10 as this will help cover admin costs of processing your application and means we can treat you well over the 3 days.
If after paying your deposit and you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as you can so we can make alternative plans.

Also if you turn up to the festival site, but do not participate in all of the shifts allocated to you, you will may be charged the price of a full price festival ticket and/or asked to leave the site and be escorted off immediately.

You will be asked to pay the administration fee of £10 using the Paypal service via a text message containing the payment details when required nearer the festival date.

You can only make one stewarding registration at a time, and all registrations must be in the name of the person who is actually going to be stewarding at the event.

*These roles are extremely important here at Amplified and so to that end YOU MUST have relevant experience and/or driving licence/certification to be accepeted... PLEASE DO NOT apply for these roles otherwise as checks will be made and failure to have said documentation will result in the rejection of this or any future application.

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