Everything, well the majority of things, you need to know, but don't want to feel like a numpty for asking face to face...

When can we get in?

For weekend ticket holders: Fri 21st July 10:00 – 23:00
Day ticket admission: Sat 22nd July 09.00 – 23:00, Sun 23rd July 09:00 – 23:00
There is strictly no re-admittance to site after 23.00 hours due to the closure of the Main Ticket Exchange though exemptions for emergences can be made if deemed appropriate.

Amplified will appreciate it if ALL guests are off site by 12:00 Midday on Monday 24th July and take their tents with them along with any other things we normally see left behind!

When should I rock up?

As this is our first year we'll aim to make the arrival experience as pleasant as possible so please try to avoid the most hectic times when we assume entry to be at it's slowest.

Friday 21st July: 10:00 – 13:00
Saturday 22nd July: 09:00 – 12:00
Sunday 23rd July: 09:00 – 12.00

What time does it start to get loud or as we say here at Amplified when do the bands amps get turned on and the fun begin?

Friday 21st July: 13:30pm
Saturday 22nd July: 11.00am
Sunday 9th July: 11.00am

Will I need to bring ID with me?

A “Challenge 25” scheme will be in operation upon entering the site. It is worth saying OUT LOUD that those who look under 25 must bring official ID such as a passport, photo drivers licence, Prove It card etc. Failure to produce relevant ID when requested may result in non-admittance and NO REFUNDS shall be offered.

All attendees without relevant ID will be issued with an under 18 wristband and thus will be refused entry to any of the bars including the V.I.P. Hospitality area... SO PLEASE, to avoid disappointment, check you have in your possession the relevant ID prior to leaving home.

Having said this, there will be a non-alcoholic bar located on site for those not just for those under the legal drinking age, but also those who don't drink or fancy a refreshing smoothie juice.

Are there any age restrictions?

There is no minimum age. However, attendees under the age of 18 will not be admitted onto the event site without an accompanying adult.

Entertainment deemed unsuitable for minors will take place in clearly marked areas and the required wristbands shall be inspected for admission to these areas.

What happens after the bands finish?

There will be a silent cinema showing classic late night movies.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have bought a V.I.P. Hospitality ticket there's a bar where you can hang out with all the artists and get stuff signed whilst rocking through from 23.00 – 03.00.

Can I bring my pets?

As a condition of our license and due to the nature of the land, no dogs are allowed on site (except registered guide dogs).

Can I bring glass onto the site?

Under no circumstances will glass bottles / containers be allowed onto the event site. We appreciate some of you may wish to bring such items, but any found during random searches will be confiscated and disposed of accordingly. This is done, not just for your safety and enjoyment, but also that of others attending the event.

Is there Ease Of Access (EOA) at the Amplified festival site?

Please click here for a downloadable map illustrating where entrances are, including parking and the EOA toilet facilities.

What payment methods are available at amplified?

Most alcohol and food outlets whilst accepting cash payments may also have card payment facilities though this is not expected to be 100%. ATM machines will be provided though there may unfortunately be an additional charge for their use.

Are camp fires, bbq's and/or other flame inducing items allowed on site?

Due to the nature of the land and it's surrounding woods and other vegetation under no circumstances any disposable bbq's to be brought onto the site and any found during random searches shall be confiscated and disposed of accordingly.

Amplified realise that some of you may want to burn your own sausages so will provide where appropriate 3 designated bbq areas and will even supply the charcoal though cooking times may be restricted.

Cooking stoves are allowed, though if used inappropriately stewards and/or security may offer some assistance should it be required.

This also goes for fireworks, fires, lanterns and the like. Anyone deemed to be igniting items of a banned nature and at risk of endangering those who wish to have a safe and incident free festival will be asked to leave the site and escorted off immediately.

Are there showering facilities at Amplified?

Showers are available for VIP campers though it's something we're looking at in 2018 for everyone attending.

Can I bring alcohol into Amplified?

Yes, you are allowed to bring alcohol into the camping area. The only restriction being that any glass found will be confiscated and no alcohol purchased outside of Amplified will be allowed into the Main Arena and other designated licensed bar areas.

Due to the technological world in which we live are my valuables safe?

We would advise anyone to leave the 'family silver' at home, but if you do wish to bring things of value we have lockers located within the Main Arena. These can be reserved when purchasing a ticket and will include phone/tablet charging facilities.

Do we require site volunteers?

All volunteer roles for 2017 have now been filled.

Where is the best place to park and is there a fee?

There is a large car park with designated areas for weekend parking and those arriving for the day only. This will allow anyone attending the festival to get their vehicle off site with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Having been to many festivals, we at Amplified have deemed it extremely frustrating, that, after purchasing a ticket, you are then asked to dig into your pockets before even finding where you wish to pitch your tent. So NO, there is no charge for parking.

What is the parking like?

It is on hard standing ground so there shouldn't be any problems driving in and out should the heavens open... but hey it's gonna be a sunny weekend!

With designated parking stewards here to direct and assist you to your relevant parking zones we hope that you'll find that the allocated area will be more than ample to accommodate those driving to the festival.

Are camper vans and the like allowed at Amplified?

Whilst we are providing areas for some of you to pitch tents we also understand that some of you like a more comfortable night's sleep. There will be a designated site for those with camper vans and the like though spaces will be charged for (please purchase at time of buying ticket), may be limited and only available in conjunction with a weekend ticket.

Electrical power hook-ups can also be provided for an additional cost, again see the little bit previously for info.

Am I able to return my ticket and/or obtain a refund should I, for some unfathomable reason wish not to attend?

Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable though you may redeem your ticket price for merchandise in the online shop

Other than the E-ticket system in use are there any other ticket purchasing options?

In accordance with the landowners request to keep the festival as environmentally friendly as possible, we at Amplified have decided to operate the E-ticket system so hope you don't mind printing your ticket(s) out at home and if you could use recyclable paper you'll get a high-5 on entry.

Do I have to stay the entire weekend?

For those of you wishing to some to Amplified just for the day there will be tickets available to buy prior to that day's entertainment commencing though it is advised to purchase your tickets prior to arriving on-site as this will help with the vehicle traffic flow around the surrounding area.

What about those under 5 years of age, is there an admission charge?

No there isn't. All we ask is that you kindly make a donation towards the land owners charity of choice upon admission to the festival.

How's the site looking for those wishing to get around easy and/or mobility issues?

Although it's an 'interesting' layout the site will be clearly sign posted. There is only one main entrance after obtaining your wristband ( which is located in the main car park car park) from which to access the festival site.

There is a separate car park area for those with mobility requirements which we hope will eradicate any lengthy walks and the EOA camping area will be located as close as possible to the Main Arena entrance.

Where can I get away from all the hubbub?

There is a designated family camping area at the furthest point from the festival arena... it's a bit of a walk... about 450/500 meters, but worth it if you want a quiet(er) night's sleep.

Are there water points/taps in the camp site?

Yes there are plenty of water taps located in and around all camp sites.

Within the Main Arena there will be free bottled water service provided for by Frank.

Amplified branded limited edition bottles will be available to purchase with all profits going to the charitable work done by Frank's organisation. Click here to read all about Frank and his exploits.

How environmentally friendly is Amplified?

The site on which the festival is taking place is agricultural farmland and we would appreciate all those attending to dispose of their waste in the numerous refuse collection bins provided around the site.

We also politely ask those of you camping with us to treat the site with respect and keep the area around your tent relatively tidy and free of clutter as this will enable us to host the event next year without additional refuse clean up costs being added to the current ticket price.

And in keeping with trying to keep the amount of litter prospectively going to landfill here at Amplified we'll be using reusable pint polycarbonate glasses produced by Green Goblet and these will be available via a deposit or pay to keep scheme at all bars located around the site.

Here @ Amplified we shall be trying to limit the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites, not only here in the U.K., but also abroad so please help us be as green as this text by purchasing your reusable IML pint cups from Green Goblet at one of our on-site bars or purchase here at amplifiedrocks.com and it will be waiting for you with a FREE smile when you arrive here ready to rock!

Green Goblet... Refill not Landfill

The Facts!

  • Every piece of plastic ever made and disposed of in landfill - still exists
  • Placing plastic in landfill contaminates our land
  • Disposable plastic cups are one of the greatest pollutants in the world
  • A disposable cup is used for an average of 20 minutes

The time to address sustainability is now..... HOW?

  • We need to treat plastic as a reusable commodity
  • We need to meet high standards of low carbon usage and waste reduction
  • We need to be using reusable rather than disposable products
  • We need to stop plastic going into landfill where it takes thousands of years to bio degrade
  • Green Goblet is passionate about helping organisations and events lower their carbon footprint and preserve our planet for future generations
  • All our cups are recycled into useful objects such as ice scrapers and coat hangers at the end of their life
  • Green Goblet now manufacture all our IML Pint cups in the UK to help lower our Carbon footprint.

"We do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”